Manual cut car key blade?DEFU-668B?key cutting?machine

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Manual cut car key blade?DEFU-668B?key cutting?machine
180w power aluminum alloy motor, aluminum cap, trimming knife, strengthen the hardness of titanium steel cutter can match iron keys. Point of silver start switch and micro and preciseness steel clamp, the bearing of the handle

Automatic horizontal with key machine, can match flat keys, cross key, motorcycle key, the key part of automobile, etc., accuracy, reliable quality, factory has more accurate, can be used to electricity!

Power: 220 v, new does not contain light bulb, please in the local the replacement bulbs, suggest use energy-saving lamps.


1, use the at the back of the hand before using the axis of the outward pull, pull in place before will be connected to the power supply.

2, good clip key before starting, must first fixture is raised a little to boot, let cutter turning up to slowly put down jig, so as not to because key sticking knives, lead to motor not turn and burn out.Like this kind of motor damage caused by wrong operation is beyond the scope of the warranty.

3, the appearance of the different batch production color may and pictures are different, but the quality and performance, please rest assured.


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Power: 180W

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