Wenxing Model 233-A cutting machine with external cutter

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High single-key copy machine?

233A-efficient use of lever-type design, copy the keys to a smooth process. Fluent, easy to use single-hand operation.?

Fixture can be surrounded by rotating fixture keys, folders with four methods to target the key.?

Step-guided device can be fine-tuning of the various cutting depth of the adjustment to quickly and accurately.



1) Model 233-A has nice-looking contour, solid and reliable construction

2) The rotary vises of Model 233A are four-side use; they are suitable for all kinds of keys

3) A lever handle of 233-A insures its easy operation and high accuracy

4) Micro-adjustment of 233-A can adjust expediently and quickly for cutting depth


Technical data:

Power: 180W


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